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We must never forget all who fought for our nation

AMERICANS are observing a Memorial Day weekend like none before -- in the midst of a global pandemic as the official death toll in this nation hovers at 100,000.


Despite pandemic, future looks bright for Class of 2020

I watched the salute honoring the Class of 2020 on May 16. I was impressed with the many hours of preparation, variety of students and others taking time to make it a memorable event.


92nd birthday was wonderful

I believe that my 92nd birthday on April 28, 2020, was the best one yet! Aging certainly makes it more important and appreciated.


Thanks for birthday blessings

Blessings from my family, neighbors and friends were showered upon me for my birthday on April 30.


90th birthday greetings enjoyed

I wish to thank everyone for the many phone calls, cards and messages I received for my 90th birthday.


90th birthday greetings appreciated

I would like to thank everyone for the cards, notes, and letters sent in celebration of my 90th birthday.


Pritzker seems to care more about canines than citizens

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker gives short shrift to the workers in Illinois. The system he initiated to comply with the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most rigid of the 50 states.


Downstate Illinois follows rules ignored in Chicago

"State of Hypocrisy" -- Illinois has a new nickname. We are all too familiar with the various mandates handed down by the Illinois governor. But why do the same rules not apply in his beloved Chicago?

Pandemic heroes come in all sizes and from all backgrounds
Steve Eighinger

Pandemic heroes come in all sizes and from all backgrounds

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have foregone our longstanding "Morons of the Month" feature, instead focusing on positive contributions in battling COVID-19.


We failed to learn lessons from great pandemic of 1918

Getting my parents to talk about their parents during my childhood in Colorado was always difficult. However, my father, would talk about his mother's death during the great pandemic (a scary word) of 1918.

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