Roundabout at 48th and State would be costly, isn't needed

Posted: Mar. 17, 2020 4:20 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

A recent article in The Herald-Whig says the city is driving ahead with its desire and plans for a roundabout intersection at 48th and State and some other intersections.

I don't know who is pushing for this plan, but I thought public opinion was strongly against the idea for 48th and State the last time this was floated. Requiring acquisition of a significant amount of now-private land and a much larger footprint, it is bound to cost many more dollars than should be spent on intersection improvement.

As one who uses this intersection several times a day, every day at various times, I can say I've never encountered a problem or delay getting through. Why someone would feel this roundabout is the way to go is beyond me. I see it as a government spending money it doesn't have on a problem that doesn't exist, possibly to satisfy someone's personal agenda.

A report some time ago from the Quincy Police indicated the dual turn lanes at some intersections on Broadway were found to be major contributory factors in the high accident rates at those intersections -- turn lanes that have been in place now for years.

How do you think drivers will react to the confusion created by a roundabout? I don't feel the seizure of private property, the high cost and the potential for hazardous conditions being created are in any way justified for an intersection that has no problems now and probably none in sight down the road. A problem that doesn't exist doesn't require a solution.

Richard W. Moritz