Quincy's education fund tax rate is unacceptable

Posted: Mar. 11, 2020 3:40 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

The children in the Quincy Public School system will always deserve our support. The leadership, the board, and faculty of the QPS system have earned our support. I am the president of Quincy Recycle and operate seven recycling facilities in five Midwestern states. My wife, Brooke, and I have four children who attend or have graduated from our Catholic school system. We are avid supporters of Catholic education and I am honored to be the co-chair of QND's 2020 Annual Fund Drive. We will be voting YES on March 17 in support of our public schools.

Our education fund tax rate is dead last out of 49 similarly sized districts. We are the only district that has not increased the rate since it was set in 1988. As a business owner that recruits talent to our community, this is not acceptable. We want to live in a city that is known for having outstanding education -- both public and private. There will always be a direct correlation between education and prosperity in our community.

The state of Illinois continues to fall short on its obligation to our district while putting unfunded mandates into law. We cannot afford to wait for the state to fulfill its responsibility to our district. After all, we are a long way from Chicago! In a state that unveils a new tax every day, it is easy to become exhausted and frustrated. However, I am encouraging you to review the facts and vote yes to making an investment in quality education. Superintendent Roy Webb and our publicly elected board have put forth a comprehensive long-range plan. Perhaps it would have been easier to "sell" a short-term solution. That is not the approach I would take with my business. We should be grateful that QPS leadership is thinking long term. I encourage you to vote YES on March 17.

Bryan Stokes