New degree a path to worthwhile profession

With the recent announcement of the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care at Blessing Rieman College of Nursing and Health Sciences, I want to express my appreciation of the profession of respiratory care.


Encourage LaHood to expand aid to nonprofit organizations

As a volunteer advocate, the Alzheimer's Association has been important to my family.


Veteran says being good listener served everyone well in military

The article written by Steve Eighinger about Mike Haxel's full-service gas station was a pleasure to read. Mike spoke of his military service in the early 1970s. This is where I became acquainted with him on May 6, 1971.


Even group of Republicans won't vote for Trump

It's predictable. Criticism of Trump and his administration seems to always be met by the same people with the same response in the letters section of the newspaper.


Liberal politicians make many demands, but never progress

Here is a word with a definition that you will not find linked together in any unabridged dictionary of the English language. Liberalism A collection of appetites, demanding to be fed.


Quincy High seniors should take pride in accomplishments

Everyone on the staff and faculty at Quincy Senior High School who is involved in making sure that this year's senior class gets to have a meaningful graduation ceremony is to be commended.


Not all disagreements with president are rooted in personal malice

William Postle's letter of April 2 deserves some comment. It seems that he opens and closes his letter with the idea that any open questioning or disagreement with Donald Trump is based on an underlying personal malice toward him.


Show compassion for others during these difficult times

Our community, like the rest of the world, is going through a tough time. We are suffering from something that none of us are responsible for. Some of the effects of COVID-19 are here and now; some will be long lasting.


Trump was asleep at the wheel when pandemic reached U.S.

I would like to take issue with the letter printed in The Herald-Whig by William Postle on April 2.


America put all its eggs in one basket belonging to China

It's been said "from everything bad often comes something good." And so it is with this virus problem!

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