Thrash metal shows that it's alive and well with new Onslaught album

By Mike Sorensen
Posted: Aug. 7, 2020 12:01 am

British thrashers Onslaught are blasting back into music players with their seventh studio album, their first in seven years. Titled “Generation Antichrist,” the album also marks the recording debut with the band of vocalist David Garnett. Written and recorded before the time of global crisis we all face, the tracks on this album still deal with the world we live in: political divisiveness, hatred, megalomanics at the helm, and tragedy faced by all levels of society.

Following a brief intro number in “Rise to Power,” the album slams full force into top gear with “Strike Fast, Strike Hard.” With thundering double bass drums kicking out a tempo that would be generously described as breakneck. Unlike other bands that came out of the early waves of thrash metal, Onslaught hasn't smoothed out any of their edges since they debuted. If anything, songs like “Bow Down to the Clowns” have cranked the dial up to 15, then broken off the knob and ripped way past the red-line.

“All Seeing Eye” addresses the fears of being watched all the time, through our phones and smart devices, taking over all of lives as we smile and let it happen. One of the longest tracks, “Empires Fall” looks at how there are clashes around the world under various flags that's pulling all of us down into a world of disorder and chaos. The title track of the album starts off with a grinding, pulsing sound that just feels like a sonic steamroller leveling everything in its path.

The blazing guitars of founder Nige Rockett and Wayne Dorman will leave your speakers smoking, while the rhythm pair of Jeff Williams on bass and James Perry behind the kit will rock the foundations you're settled on. With the new line-up secured and firing on all cylinders, Onslaught is just a force of nature that has to be dealt with.

Closing out the album is a re-recording of last year's single “A Perfect Day To Die.” The song is dedicated to the memory of the late Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, a major influence on the band. The song actually sounds like it has the core sound of a Motorhead track, but, again, cranked up to the next level.

“Generation Antichrist” is available everywhere on August 7th, in digital formats as well as CD and vinyl. You can find it at your favorite outlet, or head over to to grab a copy straight from AFM Records.