Letter writer did disservice to Catholic, Adventist churches

This past weekend a highly anti-Catholic eight-page letter was placed on the windshields of autos at Catholic churches in the Quincy area. It was unsigned.

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Thanks for lovely 65th anniversary celebration

We wish to thank our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for the lovely 65th anniversary dinner, gifts, cards, video, flowers and everything they did for us.


Tad Brenner highly qualified for circuit court judge

I am a licensed practicing attorney in Illinois since 1980 with a general practice. I am a named principal of the law firm of Mauck & Baker LLC located in Chicago, Illinois.


Coverage of Australian Open missing in The Herald-Whig

Your article, Stephanie Ohnemus, was 100% correct about lack of coverage of The Herald-Whig of your interest. That is nothing new for The Herald-Whig, the only newspaper in town.


Scott Graham has broad range of coroner experience

In a few weeks, the voters in Adams County will be voting to select the Republican candidate for coroner. There are two people vying for this position: One is very qualified, the other has no experience or qualifications.


People cannot control variations in Earth's climate

About this climate. The Lord Almighty is the maker of all, including heaven, earth and the elements thereof. We should not suggest that man controls climate variations.


Society isn't finding enough people confronting wrong behavior

The disagreement in America is not between liberals and conservatives or the right and the left. It's right vs. wrong. It's good vs. evil. It's two distinct religions: secularism vs. Christianity. And secularism is winning.


Thousands of people marched in Washington to change culture of death

PATHETIC!!! It is the only word I can think of that aptly describes the lack of coverage on the front page of Sunday's (Jan. 26, 2020) Herald Whig of the 46th March for Life held in Washington, D.C.


Thanks for wonderful anniversary party

A big "THANK YOU" to our children and their spouses for giving us such a wonderful anniversary party.


Real beef is healthier, tastes better than its imitators

As a fourth-generation cattle farmer, I take great pride in raising nutritious, high-quality 100% real beef.

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