America put all its eggs in one basket belonging to China

It's been said "from everything bad often comes something good." And so it is with this virus problem!

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90th birthday wishes were appreciated

I would like to thank everyone for the cards, notes and phone calls I received to help me celebrate my 90th birthday.


These difficult times remind us to heed advice from past

We are in a very difficult time right now.


Democrats fear drug's use will bolster Trump in election

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic has been compared by some to a war, and Donald Trump as a wartime president, both of which I believe are appropriate.


Veterans Home staff working hard to protect residents

These times are especially trying. While everybody takes care to protect themselves from COVID-19, it's important to recognize the service and sacrifice of frontline workers taking care to protect others.


Blessing working with its vendors to assure staff has supplies, equipment

Our world turned upside down on Jan. 19, when the first positive coronavirus case was reported in America. It reached the communities in which we live two months later.


65th anniversary wishes appreciated

We would like to thank everyone for all the cards and phone calls in honor of our 65th wedding anniversary that we received.


'Last responders' should be honored for hard work

The term "FIRST RESPONDER" has been used to describe people who arrive immediately at the scene of an emergency since the 1970s.


Roundabout at 48th and State would be costly, isn't needed

A recent article in The Herald-Whig says the city is driving ahead with its desire and plans for a roundabout intersection at 48th and State and some other intersections.


Thanks for making 85th birthday memorable

I want to thank everyone who helped make my 85th birthday party a day to remember.

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