QPS extends registration deadline

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 6, 2020 12:01 am

QUINCY — Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Roy Webb hopes parents will make a decision about the coming school year by Monday.

As part of the school district's online registration process through Skyward, families opt for in-person or remote learning to start the 2020-21 year.

"We need parents to communicate with us their decision so that we can put some final touches on our plans, allocate resources and adjust where teachers will be teaching," Webb said. "A lot will happen after that decision."

QPS extended the deadline from Friday to Monday to ensure all families had an opportunity for on-site help at all district facilities with the online registration process.

QPS Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Kim Dinkheller said registration is going well so far with each building reporting at least 65% of students registered as of Wednesday night.

Making sure that students register by Aug. 10 "gives our buildings a chance to get things in place to know how many will be attending in person and how many remote," Dinkheller said.

"The numbers do help us think through staffing and how to provide the best remote instruction environment for students -- and for our parents," she said. "This time around, we don't want parents to feel they have to be teachers as well. We want the role for parents to be partners in education with direct instruction coming from our teachers."

Around 17% of district students who have registered have opted for remote learning, which is "pretty similar to what we're hearing from other large unit districts offering the two options," Dinkheller said. "As numbers grow, we have more and more information to solidify our plan."

Also key for the district is updated contact information for families, especially if the district were to shift to full remote learning at any point during the school year.

The registration process allows families to update address and phone numbers, making it possible for the district to reach out with information throughout the school year.

"With the luxury of having everything online, it's very quick for a parent to go in and change a phone number or an address," Dinkheller said. "Without that information, it's a challenge for us to track people down."