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HBPW hires new general manager

Special to The Herald-Whig
Posted: Mar. 16, 2020 12:01 am

HANNIBAL, Mo. -- Ken Reasoner, a long-time employee with City Utilities in Springfield, Mo., will be the next general manager of the Hannibal Board of Public Works. Reasoner's hiring was announced last week by the HBPW.

Different factors attracted Reasoner to the job opening in Northeast Missouri.

"Hannibal is a wonderful and historic community," he said. "The general manager position provides an exciting leadership opportunity. It allows you to serve the community in an important role and make a real difference in its progress."

Reasoner, who has worked 29 years for CU, is currently director of management services in Springfield. In that role he has been responsible for facilities management, inventory control, physical security, purchasing, telecommunications services and the trunked radio system.

During his career Reasoner has been involved with nearly all aspects of the utility including serving as director of operations analysis, senior financial analyst and investment analyst.

"Over my career, I have been fortunate to serve in many different positions with various responsibilities," Reasoner said. "I truly believe public utilities that are owned by its customers and governed at a local level can create the greatest value for their communities. After visiting Hannibal and hearing the board's vision it seemed like a great fit for my family and me, and a good time to make this natural progression to a general manager position."

Reasoner's varied areas of experience helped make him an attractive candidate for the position, according to Stephan Franke, a member of the HBPW Board.

"Mr. Reasoner has a breadth and depth of experience that makes him particularly well suited to handle a utility with our responsibilities and opportunities to serve Hannibal in new and improved ways," Franke said.

Franke believes that Reasoner is the right man for the job.

"I'm confident that Ken's tenure as GM will move the HBPW into the future through a community focus that emphasizes building relationships with all stakeholders," he said. "Ken is arriving at the inflection point in the HBPW's history as we prepare to open a new voter-approved GAC water filtration facility plus seek approval to create a storm-water utility that will protect our roads and waterways for generations to come."

According to the HBPW's media release Reasoner will begin his new job in mid-April.

The hiring of Reasoner concludes a two-month nationwide search by the HBPW. A total of 19 individuals had sought the position, which was advertised as having a salary range of between $120,000 and $170,000. Reasoner's salary was not disclosed by the HBPW.

Mathew Munzlinger, who has worked for the HBPW since 2007, has served as the utility's interim general manager since August 2019 when Heath Hall resigned after just 15 months as GM.

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