Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported March 15, 2020

Posted: Mar. 15, 2020 1:00 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


RMJM Corp, property at 1219 Maine St., to Bret S. Austin.

RMJM Corp, property at 1225 Maine St., to Bret S. Austin.

RMJM Corp, property at 1231 Maine St., to Bret S. Austin.

Margie M. Boyd, Arnetta Hastings and Todd Allen Hastings, property at 1308 Spruce St., to Patsy S. McMillen.

WCT Properties Inc., property at 3311 Broadway St., to QRE LLC.

Bret S. Austin, property at 1225 Maine St., to A&B Properties I LLC Series 29.

Leanne M. Vandermaiden Merrell and Roderick N. Merrell, property at 1612 S. 28th St., to Kevin A. Carder II and Ashlen M. Johnson.

Raola E. Smith Estate, Shannon C. Smith, executor, property at 400 S. 16th St., to Laura Smith and Timmy Smith Jr.

Marilyn Rae Sullivan Estate, Christine S. King, executor, property in Quincy, to Kevin Maas Builder LLC.

Angela D. Fieberkorn and Michael T. Fieberkorn, property at 1609 S. 28th St., to Lesa A. Beaver and William E. Beaver.

Patricia L. Dorsey, property at 1611 Sycamore St., to Danielle Dorsey and Shawn Dorsey.

Alice K. Peters and Dale J. Peters, property at 835 Adams St., to Seth P. Calkins.

United Community Credit Union, property in Quincy, to Cynthia D. Eddy.

Mary M. Spurlock Estate, Brandon Clements, executor, Brenda Partridge and Michael Spurlock, property in Quincy, to Brandon Clements.

James E. Fenton and Jessica A. Fenton, property at 1220 Park Place, to Conlon D. Carabine.

Jason Gibbs, property at 2717 Elm St., to Heather M. Connolly and Michael E. Connolly.

Cynthia D. Eddy, Cynthia E. Vahle and Thomas J. Vahle, property at 1437 Cherry St., to Cynthia D. Eddy.

Cynthia D. Eddy, Cynthia E. Vahle and Thomas J. Vahle, property at 627-629 Adams St., to Cynthia D. Eddy.

Cynthia D. Eddy, Cynthia E. Vahle and Thomas J. Vahle, property at 327 Locust St., to Thomas J. Vahle.

Charles E. Hull Jr., property in Quincy, to Ronnie J. Day.

Kimberly A. Shively and Steve W. Shively, property in 319 Lexington, to Margaret E. O'Brien.

Adams County

Marilyn A. Kramberg and Richard A. Kramberg, property at 410 W. Prairie St., Camp Point, to Bobby Lee Lung and Sarah Lung.

Esther E. Hailstone, Michael J. Hailstone and Stephanie M. Tritsch, property at 964 Maple Ridge Drive, Liberty, to Ann M. Scott and Mark Scott.

Benjamin O. Hickman, property at 705 Dudley St., Liberty, to Joanne K. Spilman.

David W. Decker, property in Concord Township, to Brian R. Brink, Robert D. Brink, Brenna D. Kindhart and Jeffrey W. Kindhart.

Jason H. Totsch, property in Lima Township, to Sheryl Lynn Totsch.

Joleen M. Patton and Thomas E. Patton, property at 2212 Sweetbriar Ave., Ellington Township, to Cassie L. King and Lucas N. King.

Carrie A. Sutton Life Estate and Walter Lee Susston Life Estate, property in Beverly Township, to Sutton Pike Farms LLC.

Kristen Buehler, Shawn H. Buehler, Kathy M. Kerker and Richard L. Kerker, property at 873 N. 550th Ave., Fall Creek Township, to Michael L. Peters and Susan A. Peters.

Brent G. Frericks and Pamela S. Frericks, property at 3408 Country Meadows East, Ellington Township, to Beverly Landis and John W. Landis.

Abram J. Wiseman and Alyssa Wiseman, porperty at 212 S. Jefferson St., Clayton, to Galene M. Schafer and Larry D. Schafer.

Erma Mae Black, property at 6111 Ewbanks Road, to Alexa S. Clair and Ryan S. Clair.

Boyd D. Tenhouse and Krista M. Tenhouse, property at 905 Crystal Court, to Adam J. McKinney and Erika J. McKinney.

Douglas D. Janssen and Karen Janssen, property in Northeast Township, to Amanda M. Llewellyn and Andrew M. Llewellyn.

Opal M. Ruffcorn Estate, Darryl R. Ruffcorn, executor, property in Keene Township, to Darryl R. Ruffcorn.

April A. Miller and John C. Miller, property in Fall Creek Township, to Randy Klocke Properties LLC.

Georgia Niekamp and Jeffrey A. Niekamp, property at 401 N. Crumley St., Liberty, to Stacy A. Haynes.

Alexis M. Partlow and Jeremy L. Partlow, property in McKee Township, to David A. Yoder and Ruth M. Yoder.

Anna Lee Waterkotte Trust, Anna Lee Waterkotte, trustee, property in Ellington Township, to Adam J. Ludwig.

Aimee E. Wertz Lutz and Trevor R. Lutz, porperty at 1733 Rim Road, Melrose Township, to Megan W. Paul and Nicholas A. Paul.

Jason E. Sharp and Nicole L. Sharp, property at 2064 E. 2200th St., Camp Point Township, to Kirk Barry.