Vote for Judge Drew Erwin is a vote for experience and balance

Posted: Mar. 8, 2020 12:50 am

To The Herald-Whig:

We are in the midst of an exciting, if not tumultuous political time. On March 17, people within the Eighth Judicial Circuit will select a judge. At the present time, Judge Drew Erwin is a judge in this circuit. After the retirement of Judge Drummond, Mr. Erwin and eight other attorneys went through the rigorous selection process to determine Drummond's replacement. Drew Erwin was selected because of his experience, his balance and demeanor in court, and his knowledge of law. If you ask for a Republican ballot on March 17, you will be able to keep Judge Drew Erwin as a judge in the Eighth Judicial Circuit.

Unlike politicians, judges do not enforce the law; they apply the law to the facts presented to them. A courtroom is an environment that can become unsettling and divisive. Judge Erwin is a calm, listening presence in his courtroom. There may be conflicting sides of a particular case. With Judge Erwin, all parties will be heard and any decisions will be based on a solid knowledge of law. If all parties come away from a courtroom experience feeling they have been treated fairly, our court system has done its job.

Having worked in educational settings for 45 years with high school and collegiate students, I know our young adults want a judicial system that is free of bias and serves the common good for all people. Judge Drew Erwin has proven himself to be a lawyer and judge of integrity and character. Let's continue this excellent selection by voting for Judge Drew Erwin on March 17.

Ray Heilmann