Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported March 8, 2020

Posted: Mar. 8, 2020 12:50 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Christina Bush, property at 1523 Maple St., to Allen M. Amidon.

U.S. Bank National Association, property at 1721 N. 17th St., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Mercantile Bank, property at 215 Sycamore St., to Tony Ray Christ.

Kyle D. Anderson, property at 4919 Lake View Drive, to Anna Marie Bentele.

Kathleen L. Steinhauer and Michael E. Steinhauer, property at 3601 Stone Crest Drive, to Barbara A. Anderson and Dennis H. Spoonmore.

Mary Jane Kenning and Amy L. Obert, attorney-in-fact, property at 701 Ruby Court, to Binh Thanh Nguyen and Jimmy Tran.

Justin P. Barnes and Samantha M. Barnes, property at 1216 S. 19th St., to Christina M. Bush.

Nationstart Mortgage LLC and U.S. Bank National Association, property at 1409 College Ave., to Charles Hull.

Shawn M. Irvine, property at 818 S. 11th St., to MACD Inc.

Ernest Bolen and Troy Kinstle, property at 640 N. 12th St., to Kingdom Real Estate Group LLC.

Pablo Ramirez, property at 2607 Elm St., to National Equity Inc. and N.P. Dodge Jr. Trust, Leslie A. Delperdang and N.P. Dodge Jr., trustees.

Gary M. Liesen, property at 817 Kentucky St., to Joseph Baker and Jeremy Jenkins.

Dovie A. Hooper, Joseph E. Hooper S., and Memorandum of Contract for Deed, property at 522 Maple St., to Michelle L. Sparrow and Travis L. Sparrow.

Eleanor C. Bocke, property at 810 S. 22nd St., to Kristin E. Dreasler.

Hospitality Specialists LLC, property at 200 N. 36th St., to Sherwood/Walker Properties LLC.

Jeffrey J. Flachs, property at 920-922 York St., to Dick Brothers Inc.

Sarah J. Thacker, property at 1427 Elm St., to Therese J. Neisen.

Bernard C. Weisenburger Trust and Sally A. Weisenburger Trust, Bernard C. Weisenburger and Sally A. Weisenburger, trustees, property at 2408 W. Schneidman Drive, to Adams County Glass Inc.

Ronald W. Grant Trust, Bradley J. Grant, successor trustee, property at 634 S. Seventh St., to Bradley J. Grant.

Adams County

First Bankers Trust Co. N.A., property at 217 E. Washington St., Mendon, to M&A Property Acquisition LLC.

Harold Ancell and Tony Maglioacchetti, property at 105 S. Range Line, Lima Township, to M&A Property Acquisition LLC.

Kurtis E. Flesner and Shelley J. Flesner, property in Payson Township, to Audrey J. Janssen and Taylor J. Janssen.

Gary Duel Todaro Estate, Cassandra Renee Gilbert, executor, property in Gilmer Township, to Cassandra Renee Gilbert and Lonnie Dean Todaro.

Mary D. Fuller, property in Riverside Township, to James R. Fuller and Mary D. Fuller.

Dominic D. Klauser, property at 1413 Leann Court, Riverside Township, to Dominic D. Klauser and Lauren E. Klauser.

Richard H. Gertz, property at 1285 W. Lakeshore Drive, Gilmer Township, to Joseph Righi.

Sondra J. Cooley, property at 312 W. Lafayette St., Clayton, to Jeffrey G. Cooley.

Randy J. Richmiller, property in Melrose Township, to Michael E. Weisenburger.

David G. Hild and Steven T. Hild, property at 3834 S. 24th St., Melrose Township, to Jamie M. Chapman, Michael D. Chapman, Paula Chapman and Sommer R. Darnell.

Jaden S. McMahon and John J. McMahon, property at 314 N. Vermont St., Camp Point, to Jonah W. Coggeshall.

Lee Fertilizer Inc., property in Camp Point Township, to Susan K. Lee.

Barbara A. Parkhill and Lionel W. Parkhill, property at 2621 N. First Ave., Beverly Township, to Luella V. Yoder and Robert D. Yoder.

Arnold A. Cooper and M. Diane Downs, attorney-in-fact, property in Ellington Township, to David Horman.

Nicole Haynes, attorney-in-fact, and Stacy A. Haynes, property in Richfield Township, to Barbara A. Parkhill and Lionel W. Parkhill.

Adma J. Druffel and Gina C. Druffel, property at 821 N. 2286th Place, Ursa Township, to Kevin M. Blewett and Shannon C. Blewett.

Darin Lee Carlen and Teresa Mae Carlen, property at 359 E. Main St., Plainville, to Matthew R. Peters and Melissa A. Peters.

Gully Investments Holding Co. Inc., property at 2535 Lake Drive, Melrose Township, to Laura E. St. Clair.

Keith G. Andrew Estate and Nicholas A. Andrew, property at 768 N. 2550th Place, Ursa Township, to Nicholas A. Andrew.

Barbara J. Ellerbrock, Randy M. Ellerbrock and Robin L. Porter, property at 3909 S. 26th St., Melrose Township, to Douglas Lewis Jr. and Shannon L. Lewis.

Barbara Snodgrass and Everett Allen Snodgrass, property at 3915 Catamaran Court, to Debra S. Oden and Ryan D. Oden.

David H. Bollman, Jeffrey A. Bollman, John R. Bollman, Susan K. Bollman and Mary B. Dede, property at 121 W. Curless St., Loraine, to Jeffrey A. Bollman.

Centerline Farms LLC, property in McKee Township, to James Speyrer and Penny Speyrer.

Angela E. Eidson and Randy M. Eidson, property in Clayton Township, to Angela E. Eidson and Randy M. Eidson.

Janna Shaw Horn, property in Richfield Township, to Squatch Properties LLC.

Helen Elisabeth Treser, property in Payson Township, to Bunny Boar Trust, Henry M. Sinnock and Yiting Sinnock, trustees.