Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported March 1, 2020

Posted: Mar. 1, 2020 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


James W. Heckenkamp, property at 122 S. 11th St., to Full Service Roofing LLC.

Dora G. Dyer, Elizabeth Kay Dyer and James Benjamin Dyer, property at 1337 S. 12th St., to Glenwood Equities LLC.

Ciara Michelle Lynn Dryden, Ciara Michelle Lynn Rose and Jeremy Matthew Rose, property at 604 S. 15th St., to Jeremy Matthew Rose.

Anthony J. McDowell, property in Quincy, to John C. Berrey and Anthony J. McDowell.

Keith A. Wasson, property at 1517 W. Grandview Drive, to Keith A. Wasson and Timothea G. Wasson.

Connor M. Dietrich, property at 2435 Cedar Creek Court, to Alexandra N. Terwelp and Jonathan D. Terwelp.

Michael P. McGrath and Stacey J. McGrath, property at 421 S. 14th St., to Cassandra L. Moya and Herbert Moya.

City of Quincy, property at 1025 N. Sixth St., to Tri State Veterans Community Village Inc.

Daniel J. Riley, property at 2236 Sycamore St., to Rock Creek Rentals LLC.

Mary O. Winters Trust, Mary O. Winters, trustee, property at 136 Emery Drive, to Mary O. Winters.

James Robert Tierney II and Krista Tierney, property at 3709 Briarwood Drive, to Anthony M. Bruns and Shayla K. Oberly.

Naught Construction Inc., property in Quincy, to Douglas W. Deininger.

Mary F. Young, property at 1222 Spruce St., to Thomas W. Bryan III.

Carla K. Morrison and Jon R. Morrison, property in Quincy, to Gina L. Dietrich.

Hayley B. Stoneking, property at 1821 Ohio St., to Dana E. Bartelt.

Lizabeth A. Zinn and Vernon L. Zinn, property at 1406 Oak St., to Oh Good LLC.

Adams County

Benjamin O. Hickman and Kyle D. Terstriep, property at 433 Hickory Grove West, to Emily R. Broemmer and Logan T. Cumby.

Alexandra N. Terwelp and Jonathan D. Terwelp, property at 1447 S. Lakeshore Drive, Gilmer Township, to Christal A. Carter and Robert P. Carter.

Amy M. Baker and Craig A. Baker, property at 411 Koch's Lane, Riverside Township, to Kyle M. Trudell and Sandy A. Trudell.

Clinton E. Gooding and Michele L. Gooding, property at 205 E. Chicago St., Liberty, to Hildebrand Properties LLC.

Brandon Golden and Jennifer Golden, property at 3000 N. 600th Ave., Beverly Township, to Dennis W. Ozment and Mollie A. Ozment.

Michael A. Flesner and Suvannah M. Flesner, property in Camp Point Township, to Pamela K. Flesner Trust, Pamela K. Flesner, trustee, and Roderick D. Flesner Trust, Roderick D. Flesner, trustee.

Michael A. Flesner and Suvannah M. Flesner, property in Camp Point Township, to Mildred L. Bastert.

Mildred L. Bastert, property in Camp Point Township, to Michael A. Flesner and Suvannah M. Flesner.

Mildred L. Bastert Farms LLC, property in Camp Point Township, to Michael A. Flesner and Suvannah M. Flesner.

Cathy S. Houston and Rod D. Houston, property at 503 Main St., Golden, to Noelle Limkemann.

Robin D. Maglioacchetti, property at 319 Sycamore St., Payson, to Clyde F. Bryant.

Joseph P. Rabe, property at 6405 Columbus Road, Ellington Township, to Robert J. Lansing.

Kody D. Kropp and Kyle Kropp, property at 416 S. Main St., Camp Point, to Deanna G. Llewellyn and James K. Llewellyn.

Adams Electric Cooperative, property in Camp Point Township, to Ursa Farmers Cooperative Co.

Shady Creek LLC, property at 1917 S. 48th St., Melrose Township, to Michael and Carol Brennan Trust, Carol A Brennan and Michael E. Brennan, trustees.

Amanda Harness and Brian Harness, property at 323 Sycamore St., Payson, to Martha Butler and Ronnie Butler.