Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Jan. 26, 2020

Posted: Jan. 26, 2020 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder.


Glen S. Whitfield and Katrina M. Whitfield, property at 430 S. 18th St., to Caitlin L. Murray and Douglas R. Peterson Jr.

Andrew W. Simons and Danielle M. Simons, property at 2208 Cherry Lane, to Harriette Burchard and John Burchard.

TNC Construction Inc., property in Quincy, to Lori A. Cornwell.

Michael D. Linkey and Stephen J. Linkey, property at 1640 Ohio St., to Susan M. Baumgartner.

Bruce Guthrie, attorney-in-fact, and Sandra L. Lawrence, property at 647 Adams St., to Dustin D. Dickhut, Jennifer C. Dickhut and Michael J. Perry.

Melissa A. Hildebrand and Todd K. Hildebrand, property at 2316 Lind St., to Cailin L. Clevenger.

Catherine L. Ortbals, property at 602 Meadow Circle, to William R. Marquess.

Patricia J. Caddell, property in Quincy, to James P. Soebbing and Mary J. Soebbing.

Joseph L. Williams and Linda M. Williams, attorney-in-fact, property at 1313 Maple St., to Alesa A. Spangler.

Courtney D. Yackley and Garrett J. Yackley, property at 1148 Saint Charles Drive, to William H. Smith.

Gail L. Sackett and Glenn C. Sackett, property at 230 S. 16th St., to Thomas H. and Betsy R. Rush Trust, Thomas H. and Betsy R. Rush, trustees.

Sandra S. Tomlin, property at 2904 Bluff Ridge Drive, to Julie A. Brink.

Cheryl A. Predmore and John K. Predmore, property at 306 Lexington, to Joleen M. Patton.

Anne A. Hughes, property at 1825 Spring St., to KRTKK LLC.

Michelle R. Collins Colcord, property at 1527 Chestnut St., to Clifford R. Lewis and Charles Hull Jr.

Edward M. Powell and Janet A. Powell, property at 617 N. Sixth St., to Kristin M. Eyler and Todd R. Eyler.

Laurie Ann Powers, attorney-in-fact, and Laverne E. Powers, property at 1800 Adams St., to Brian D. Inman and Tia L. Inman.

Adams County

Joshua M. Jennings and Mikayla Jennings, property at 403 Albers St., Golden, to Garret L. Huber.

Sherry T. McCarthy, property at 4703 McCarthy Lane, Melrose Township, to Brian A. Ippensen and Penni L. Ippensen.

Abby L. Rheinecker and John P. Rheinecker, property at 4830 N. 24th St., Ellington Township, to Ronald J. Nelson and Sandra J. Nelson.

Juanita E. Maple Estate, Lynette D. Carpenter and Paula A. Maple, executors, property at 422 W. Edwards St., Payson, to Bruce W. Venvertloh.

Sarah Lyle Manker Trust, Bank of America NA, trustee, property in Houston Township, to Sarah Lyle Manker Trust, Bank of America NA successor trustee.

Wayne L. Warning Sr., property in Northeast Township, to David Owens and Nicole Owens.

Alana Chumbley and Rex Chumbley, property at 5202 Homan Falls, Riverside Township, to Hans James Raj and Katherine L. Raj.

Glen E. Chandler Jr. and Victoria L. Chandler, property at 727 Boy Scout Road, Riverside Township, to Alan R. Morley and Kimberly A. Morley.

Sarah Lyle Manker Trust, Bank of America NA successor trustee, property in Houston Township, to Rita Irene Gerhardtand Rebekka A. Sigmund.

Alexander F. Kerr and Gina L. Kerr, property in McKee Township, to Jered Peter.

Denise E. Flesner and Steven L. Flesner, property at 207 E. Edwards St., Payson, to Bana Holdings LLC.

Katherine Wiemelt and Michael A. Wiemelt, property in Riverside Township, to City of Quincy.

Robert J. Neisen Jr., property at 1412 E. 1500th St., to Molly M. Henry and Robert J. Neisen Jr.

Renee L. Mitchell and Timothy S. Mitchell, property in Melrose Township, to Christopher R. Wiemelt and Jennifer M. Wiemelt.

Fred N. Cory and Molly B. Cory, property in Riverside Township, to Tucker R. Cory.

Roger W. Adair, propery in Lima Township, to Donna J. Cody.

Charles A. Eidson and Marilyn H. Eidson, property in Clayton Township, to Brian L. Eidson.

Charles A. Eidson and Marilyn H. Eidson, property in Concord Township, to Brian L. Eidson.

Alicia Trueblood, property in Honey Creek Township, to Eric M. Neisen.

Brian Alvin Ippensen and Penni Linn Ippensen, property in Fall Creek Township, to Jared A. Heldt and Jessica Heldt.

Jennifer M. Drew, Christopher R. Wiemelt and Jennifer M. Wiemelt, property at 3121 Gross Gables, Riverside Township, to Jaden S. McMahon and John S. McMahon.